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Ultrasonic Cavitation reduces the body’s fat deposits that could be hard to get rid of by exercise alone. Ultrasonic cavitation tones the body using radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves. These waves create bubbles around the fat that causes them to burst; once they burst they flow into the lymph system with help of a massage where they are drained. Radio Frequency is also used with cavitation to tighten the skin around the areas where the fat has been treated. For best results 6-12 session at least 3 days apart is recommended. 



Dermal fillers, also called facial fillers, are used to smooth, contour and add volume to the faces of our patients to create a more youthful appearance. By selecting the Opulence Refined for dermal fillers, you will receive the industry’s most advanced treatment techniques and products from an experienced Medical Professional who is determined to help you look your absolute best.



EMSELLA is better than doing traditional “Kegels”. Although Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic floor over time, they simply cannot accomplish the level of results most desire. During the EMSELLA treatment, thousands of supramaximal contractions are administered throughout the body over brief periods. The EMSELLA chair is similar to performing over 14,000 Kegels in thirty minutes! There is no downtime. 



EMSCULPT is a new way to change the shape of your body without surgery. It is a FDA approved, non-invasive treatment that works to build and strengthen muscles by stimulating the muscles. It is often equated to be similar in effect to doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 Minutes! The treatment is done in a series of 30 minute sessions over a series of time. It works on improving best on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms.


Fat Melting Products are injected into the fatty tissues of the skin causing fat cells to break apart and removed from the body via usual metabolic pathways. This is a non surgical/Non or Minimally Invasive Procedure.  



Laser Lipolysis is a non-invasive treatment that uses pads that utilizes laser energy to shrink fat cells for easy removal by the body through the lymph system.  Pads are placed onto target areas of the skin for a limited amount of time causing the fat cells to shrink. For best results it is recommended to complete 6 to 8 sessions or more about 2 times per week for a bout 4 weeks or longer depending on goals. There is no downtime.


Microneedling is a procedure that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and helps to even skin tone and texture. Microneedling requires the use of a handheld device with needles on it, called a dermaroller. The Dermaroller is applied to roll over your face, making micro-wounds under the skin; this helps to break down thick collagen under the skin and triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin. There is minimal downtime and little to no pain.  


Toxins helps to relax specific muscle groups in the forehead, between the eyes, around the eyes, lower face, lips and neck to help you look refreshed, rejuvenated and natural. When placed correctly, Toxins can possibly also create a nice lift to the eyes which can make you look younger. You should not only look better, but also feel better and smoother.



Vitamin B12 injections are a safe way to remedy a Vitamin B12 deficiency. In addition to reducing tiredness, stress, and fatigue. Other benefits include aiding in digestion, improved strength and appearance of hair, skin and nails as well as boost mood and reduce stress.

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